Aaniin! Welcome!

Curve Lake Christian Assembly is a community of Indigenous and Settler Christians who meet regularly to celebrate our Creator's reconciling love as revealed in Jesus Christ. We meet at the Curve Lake Church at the intersection of Mississauga Street and Winookeedaa Street. Continue reading to learn more about our identity, meetings, special events, and leaders!

About Us

Curve Lake Christian Assembly has existed since the 1990s, when it was started by a group of First Nations leaders eager to see God minister to our community. It has gone through a number of transitions since then, but continues to value heartfelt worship, biblical preaching, and regular fellowship together. You can like our Facebook page, join us at a meeting, or get in touch with our pastors below if you want to learn more!

Regular Meetings

COVID-19 Update

Throughout the pandemic we have been following government guidance concerning our meetings. As of February 2022, both our Sunday gatherings and Wednesday Bible Studies are taking place in person with safety measures in place, but we offer the option to join online for those who prefer it. You can check our Facebook Page or email Ben to access the Google Meet information.

Sunday Worship Gathering

9:30-11:00 AM on Sundays at Curve Lake Church

Join us as we worship and reflect on God's word together, as well as celebrating communion on the first Sunday and birthdays on the last Sunday each month. Please note that as long as COVID-19 is a risk, participants are asked to bring their own communion elements when relevant.

Wednesday Bible Study

7:00-8:30 PM on Wednesdays at Curve Lake Church

Join us as we pray for one another and take a close look at passages that tie in with our Sunday sermons. Stick around for some food and fellowship afterwards!

Recent Teaching

Here are some of our recent Sunday morning sermons. For more teaching and other videos dating back to March 2020, visit our Facebook page.

He has Toppled the Mighty and Exalted the Lowly (Taught on June 26th by Ben Peltz)

2022.06.26 He Has Toppled the Mighty and Exalted the Lowly.mp4

Take Up Your Cross (Taught on June 19th by Ben Peltz)

2022.06.19 Take Up Your Cross.mp4

Help My Unbelief! (Taught on June 12th by Ben Peltz)

2022.06.12 Help My Unbelief.mp4

Give Unto Caesar's What Is Caesar's (Taught on June 5th by Ted Cooke)

2022.06.05 Give Unto Caesar What Is Caesar's.mp4

As We Have Forgiven Our Debtors (Taught on May 29th by Ben Peltz)

2022.05.29 As We Have Forgiven Our Debtors.mp4

Calling on God's Names (Taught on May 15th by Ben Peltz)

2022.05.15 Calling on God's Names.mp4

Work! For I Am With You (Taught on May 8th by Ben Peltz)

2022.05.08 Work! For I Am With You.mp4

The Antidote to Victimhood (Taught on May 1st by Ben Peltz)

2022.05.01 The Antidote to Victimhood.mp4

I Will Repay You for the Years the Locusts Have Eaten (Taught on April 24th by Ben Peltz and Matt Black)

2022.04.24 I Will Repay You for the Years the Locusts Have Eaten.mp4

Let's Strive to Know the Lord (Taught on April 17th by Ben Peltz)

2022.04.17 Let's Strive to Know the Lord.mp4

Good Friday Service (Taught on April 15th by Brittany Taylor, Ben Peltz, Delma Foster, Rodney Smith-Merkley, and Rita Rose)

2022.04.15 Good Friday Service.mp4

Many Who Sleep in the Dust Will Awake (Taught on April 10th by Ben Peltz)

2022.04.10 Many Who Sleep in the Dust Will Awake.mp4

Even if He Does Not Rescue Us (Taught on April 3rd by Ben Peltz)

2022.04.03 Even if He Does Not Rescue Us.mp4

Our Pastor

Ben Peltz

Ben and his wife Shoshanna have served with local church, campus, and camp ministries since 2010. In October 2019, our former pastor, George Budd, invited Ben to serve alongside him and gradually take over the reigns. As of 2021, Ben is the sole pastor at CLCA. Alongside his work at Curve Lake he provides spiritual support and leadership for students at Trent University and helps with camps and other youth outreach activities at the invitation of Cree Christians in Mistissini and Nemaska, Quebec. You can contact Ben by clicking here!